Our retreats offer a time of silence and reflection on a particular theme for spiritual growth. Our visiting retreat staff as well as members of the Quellen Staff will assist retreatants offering various Scriptural passages for prayer and reflection. The retreat schedule begins with a 7:00 PM conference the evening of the first day.
Anyone wishing to come for supper at 5:00 PM should indicate this on the registration form.
A $75 non-refundable deposit [applicable to fee] is required when making your reservation.
Preached Retreats $390.00
Guided and Directed Retreats $415.00
Paula D'Arcy Writers Retreat $350.00 with meals and accommodations
                       $250.00 commuters/meals
30-Day Ignatian Retreat $2,200 

To register for any of the retreats listed below email Sister Teresa @ quellen@scceast.org or call 973-543-6528 x 217. 

June 22-29, 2014
Forgiveness: Stories of Redemption
Facilitator:  Camille D’Arienzo. RSM

Guided Retreats offer time for silence in which a group of retreatants is guided through a prayer experience, a presentation is given, and suggestions for prayer are offered. Individual direction is also available at this time. Liturgy is celebrated each day.

This full six day Guided retreat is an invitation to reflect on the healing power of forgiveness in your own life and in the lives of others.  Forgiveness: Stories of Redemption draws from many sources that provide a framework for forgiveness. Participants will explore how the Scriptures show that relinquishing anger and reconciling relationships leads to finding peace. We will explore literature, which opens avenues of escape and embrace, and a collection of moving stories about individuals who have dealt with suffering and injustice in their lives.



Writer's Retreat with
Paula D'Arcy

July 18-22, 2014
Limited Space/Register Early
See information below


July 5-12, 2014 

Directed retreats vary in length from five to eight days and are a time of silence, solitude and prayer. The material for prayer is usually scriptural based. A daily meeting with the director provides an opportunity for mutually reviewing the prayer experience and discerning the lead of the Spirit. Liturgy is celebrated each day.

This six day Ignatian directed retreat is an invitation to reflect on how we are meeting God in our prayer and in our life experiences. An atmosphere of silence and solitude, daily Mass, and other prayer opportunities are offered. Retreatants meet daily with their director. Each director is limited to 4-5 retreatants.  Directors for this retreat are:

—  Jean Marie Holup, SSCM 
—  Margaret Dincher, SCC 
—  Josita Marks, SCC
__  Eileen Carmody, PBVM
__  Teresa Skierkowski, SCC

June 27-July 31, 2014

St. Ignatius of Loyola was still a layman when he began taking notes on his own spiritual experiences. These formed the genesis of the spiritual exercises, which Ignatius was eager to share with others in his lifetime and which have since become a classic work in Christian spirituality. The full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola is an individually directed live-in retreat made over thirty days.  In an atmosphere of prayerful silence you will have sabbatical time for meditation, reflection and liturgy.
The dates given include the preparation days before the 30-day retreat and the reflection days at its conclusion. There will be three rest or repose days built into the retreat. These occur between each of the Four Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises.     Cost: $2,200 all inclusive.  Deposit $200  Applications due by April 1, 2014  Call the Spiritual Center for an application.

Retreat Director:  Teresa Skierkowski, SCC

Teresa Skierkowski, SCC, MA, MS is Director of the Quellen Spiritual Center. She holds a Masters Degree in Theology and a MS in Administration.  She facilitates retreats and programs and is a spiritual director.  Her training in Spiritual Direction is from Linwood Spiritual Center in Rhinebeck, NY. She is a Supervisor of Spiritual Directors receiving her training from Inisfada, St. Ignatius Retreat Center, Manhasset, NY and training in the Spiritual Exercises from St. Joseph Retreat Center, Cohasset, Massachusetts.  She serves on the staff of the Quellen Spiritual Direction Formation Program.


July 24--July 31, 2014
Facilitator:  Jim Van Dorn, OFM Conv.

Theme:Life Transitions and Our Journey of Faith”  The retreat talks are centered on forgiveness and healing as we age, have losses in our lives, deal with the pace of our culture and face the second half of life that moves us into our wisdom years.

With close to thirty years in retreat ministry and 47 as a Franciscan Priest, Fr. Jim is well prepared for the ministry of preaching. A native of Southern, IL Jim entered the Conventual Franciscans in 1960. Besides retreat ministry(both preached and directed retreats), Jim has done parish,  campus and initial formation ministry with men interested in entering the  Franciscan Community. He is a firm believer in long-life education. Over the years he has participated in many pastoral workshops in order to enhance his ministry.

 August 8-14, 2014
Facilitator: Father Patrick Lamb

“Powerlessness and Letting Go: How the 12 Steps of the Recovery Movement Can help ANYONE live a deeper Spiritual Life.”     

Theme:  Father Lamb will take the retreatants on a journey through the 12 steps of recovery. What are you powerless over? Do you struggle with letting go? Can you name your character defects? Do you need to make amends to anyone? To God? To yourself? What does it mean to turn your will and your life over to God?

Since 1935 the recovery movement begun by Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob Smith has helped countless people who struggle with addiction. This same movement can help people who are not addicted. The spirituality of the 12 Steps is very practical and real. Allow the wisdom of the 12 Steps to enhance your Spiritual journey.

Father Patrick Lamb, a dynamic speaker  with a  down to earth and practical spirituality, is no stranger to the Sisters of Christian Charity. For several years he served as President at St. Pius X High School in Bangor, PA where our Sisters still minister.  He is presently Assistant Pastor at St. Catherine’s Parish, Mount Penn in the Allentown Diocese.


July 18-22, 2014
with Paula D'Arcy
at Villa Pauline on our Campus
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